UN - cycling is the most healthy means of transport

UN - cycling is the most healthy means of transport06-08-2014

A United Nations Research reveals that the use of the "two wheels" would lead to the creation of 76,000 new jobs and would save the lives of at least 10,000 people. The case of Copenhagen ...


UNITED NATIONS - The "green" economy works

UNITED NATIONS - The "green" economy works11-08-2014

Who said that green economy does not pull?


A UN study highlights the economic sustainability of a world with zero emissions ...


GHANA - Bamboo Bike Initiative

GHANA - Bamboo Bike Initiative15-04-2014

"We believe that business opportunities exist in all of the areas of Ghana and we are committed to improve the standard of living of the Ghanaian youth through the creation of sustainable social enterprises...


Outdoor team working

Outdoor team working07-10-2013

OutdoorTeamWorking:amusement applied to business training.This is the new method of resource-building aiming for a working team that is united,strong,where each role is appraised:each single position is integral part of the firm’s organism...


One common coin for the whole world

One common coin for the whole world07-10-2013

It has been created since a while and now is encouraged from every part: economists, philosophers, scholars, sociologists.

The United Future World Currency is an example aimed at uniting the peoples of the world through a means that every man uses every day and that still today is shaped in 200 different forms: money.

Two sides of the coin present the hymn ‘Unity in diversity’ and the drawing of a tree formed of leaves from five countries.