PARIS - Bike and car sharing for free

PARIS - Bike and car sharing for free03-04-2014

Surely the fact that the city of Paris is going through a period of very high levels of air pollution, is not good news, but...


USA - The Invelox wind turbine

USA - The Invelox wind turbine14-03-2014

Lately we have witnessed the invention of newly developed wind turbines, that make it possible to take advantage of weak winds ...


GIORDANIA - EU equips 20 farms in Jordan with efficient irrigation

GIORDANIA - EU equips 20 farms in Jordan with efficient irrigation01-03-2014

ENSIAP  saves water and provides energy with solar panels

A Mediterranean cross-border cooperation project funded by the EU with 2 million euros has equipped 20 farms in Jordan with innovative irrigation


CHINA - ecological water-based printing


Print with water: this is the new discovery made by the Chinese, which would save money and a great contribution to ecology ...


PENNSYLVANIA - edible biodegradable battery

PENNSYLVANIA - edible biodegradable battery09-02-2014

A biodegradable battery made of cuttlefish has been recently produced by Carnage Mellon University and it represents a breakthrough in the field of sustainable energy...