Italy - The First HIV Vaccine for Children

The first ever therapeutic vaccine for children against HIV has been successfully tested at Gesù Children's Hospital in Rome...


"Mothers and Children First" - Project in 4 African Hospitals

Cooperation is a bringer of change...


Brazil - Low-Cost Vaccine Production for Developing Countries

Brazil - Low-Cost Vaccine Production for Developing Countries12-11-2013

The goal is to produce a whopping 30 million doses a year by 2017...


Patients like : a new way to cure

Patients like : a new way to cure07-10-2013

Patients like If you’ve ever experienced the release of talking with someone who has your same physical symptoms and giving each other suggestions, this site will surprise you. 116,453 members, continually growing.


HIV virus to cure leucemia

HIV virus to cure leucemia07-10-2013

Philadelphia- Modified Hiv virus to become the healing of leukemia. The same Hiv virus that brought millions of victims in the world, ws made innocuous in the laboratory of the University of Pennsylvania: genes were imported in the blood cells which are able to multiply and destroy the cancer cells. The sample is still very little,but two patients cured and one cured by 70% let us catch a glimpse of great perspectives.