About us

GoodDayWorld news: a new way to know about the news from around the world.

It wants to be the mirror of what thousands of people create every day which is positive, constructive and that no one talks about. Freed from any partial interest, GDW is the open space that gives voice to the discoveries, inventions, ideas, undertakings and the actions that women, men and children across the world do in order to contribute to the betterment of society.

Our partners are Universities, research Centres, non-profit Organizations, Socially Responsible Enterprises, NGO’s, informal Groups, and, above all, people.

GDWnews wants to become an “eye for humanity”, and its principles are honesty and transparency. Every individual has the right to know. Attention to suicides, killings, fights, dirty politics, falling economy, and all the disruptive actions conveyed every minute through the media, do not explain the reality of millions and millions of man and woman, nay, they build an information which has become a mere instrument of audience and partial interests.

Whoso opens the GDW web page will not find crime news, gossip columns, blames to specific personalities or to any situation: for that enough space is already reserved in tv channels, daily newspapers, magazines. GDW wants to be something different: a space where all the actions about the progress of humanity can be found.

If common problems can be solved together, it is together that we want to put the different ideas, discoveries, initiatives, solutions, so that they can build on one another.

Every person has the right to know that all the problems of humanity can be solved and that, in the world, many people are working every day towards doing just that.

According to its definition, reality is complex and everything is, relatively, news. Every single individual's right is to have his/her share in the building of a just society, that is, that condition where one can search reality with his/her own eyes and give his/her contribution to solve common problems. 

Like online newspapers we want to talk about what’s new, but not only that. Like Facebook we want to be a social network, but not only. Like Wikipedia we want to become a house of knowledge, but that’s not enough.

We want all these characteristics in one single portal, where any voice can find its space.

Far from ignoring the processes currently disrupting society,  Good Day World News wants to look into their causes and show the valid solutions humanity is finding accordingly.

If it is true that every problem brings a related solution with it, that is what we are interested into.