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Dear followers of GDWn

Now you can finally let us hear your voice!

The "Give your hint" button has been created for you, as from now on, you can send us your ideas, your thoughts, your stories, your news, your social and/or artistic projects, your videos, your proposals, and more! We will publish them!


The only condition is that whatever you send is in harmony with the spirit of GDWn: 


  • A spirit of neutrality and respect of everyone. GDWn wants to transcend political views, religious membership, social differences, racial or cultural belonging, or others…and on the other hand we identify GDWn with everything that is in line with the desire to bring something good for others. GDWn is a space in which differences are like flowers of a garden: various colors and scents, each one unique, unrepeatable and in harmony with the others.


  • A constructive and positive spirit. GDWn wants to promote everything that has a socially useful and uplifting meaning, all that is an inspiration to action, an incentive to change for the better. We will welcome any contribution that is useful and interesting, avoiding immorality, controversy and anything that might offend any reality or person. GDWn is a space dedicated solely to universal values, and there is no space for judgement. 


  • Our motto is: The human being is noble

Everyone, indeed, is endowed with qualities and talents that can be developed and used to contribute to the betterment of the world..if we agree to use less words and more actions, then we will produce positive change. We do not claim to change the world, but surely we hope to contribute together to transform the  hearts.

Our site was created with the intention to share uplifting news, and today you can also do it with us.

Good Day World News is a road towards a new world, a road that will walk together!




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