MEDITERRANEAN - the Odyssey contemporary plows the sea aboard a sailing ship

A sailing vessel of 34 meters , carrying a crew of international artists, will sail the seas of Europe , landing in more than 20 ports, to give life to an odyssey contemporary . This is the essence of the theater project " Meeting the Odyssey ," presented at Cagliari from Cada Die Theatre and involving 13 European partners.


Winner of the Culture Programme 2007/2013 of the EU, the innovative design of social theater part these days and will extend until December 2016, reaching 10 countries along the coasts of Europe , from the Baltic to the Mediterranean , " A real itinerant project that recalls the journey made by the Homeric hero . - Said Giancarlo Biffi day of the fall theater - The basic idea is to explore the concept of contemporary Europe through the rewriting of the Odyssey , starting from the thesis of Felice Vinci, who ranks in the Baltic Sea the journey of Odysseus . As in the poem of Homer, through the expedient of travel, Meeting the Odyssey aims to create a shared narrative from the stories of those who live in Europe today , in a dialogue aimed at identifying the common roots between different peoples and a sense of belonging the European Community . " The project aims to create opportunities for discussion between artists from different regions of Europe and local populations, with an eye not to Europe but a Europe Markets culture.


In practice , the project will be divided into 4 main shows that will be born from the encounter of artists with local people and will be represented either on board or in the host cities . To facilitate cultural exchanges and enhance the exchange of artistic skills in the different countries , the crew will change each year , allowing all nationalities involved in being an active part of the project. In the three years of sailing , the four productions will be carried out at least 25 times each, and in at least 4 different countries .


The encounter between the artist- sailors and local populations are then born of instant productions , short show where the events narrated in the Odyssey , it will enrich the cultural characteristics of each territory in each harbor the crew of artists will gather the stories and the testimonies of local people , creating even video , then create theatrical performances unique in their kind .