TEL AVIV - meeting with Leonardo da Vinci

After the success of Van Gogh Alive exhibition held in 2013, here is another important appointment with the art.


The new exhibition Da Vinci Alive in progress at the Pavilion Maxidome the Israel Trade Fairs Center in Tel Aviv tells an interactive experience that will lead visitors to discover the timeless splendor of the art of Leonardo Da Vinci.


The Da Vinci exhibition Alive tells the genius of Leonardo as an inventor, artist, anatomist, sculptor, engineer, musician and architect. Guests will enjoy more than 200 pieces, including 75 inventions of machines-size, three-dimensional rendering of some of the most important Renaissance works and the ability to perform a thorough analysis of what is the most famous work of Leonardo, the beautiful Mona Lisa.


With all the new technology available to the system SENSORY4, visitors will be able to interact with the art of Leonardo thus being able to also have an idea of ​​the scientific principles at the basis of the realization of many of the works of the Tuscan genius.


Created through the help and support of experts from Italy and France Da Vinci Alive celebrates one of the most original minds and the dynamics of all time. The exhibition features 13 thematic areas related to the work of Leonardo offering visitors a glimpse of the unprecedented versatility of the mind of a Renaissance man who laid the foundation for some of the inventions with the greatest impact on modern society, such as the helicopter, ' airplane, car, submarine, parachute and cycling. All inventions visible in the exhibition Da Vinci Alive were made by Italian craftsmen, many with the same materials and techniques of the Renaissance, often by deciphering the clues hidden in the over 6,000 pages of personal codes of Leonardo, deriving clues through reading that Leonardo used mirror writing, perhaps to preserve the confidentiality of his insights.




SOURCE: primapaginanews