Art music and dance: a recipe for the education of the world

Brazil, with its multi-ethnic setting "a rainbow of human wealth" shows that we are all equal, no matter which race, creed, culture, class and political party ... How does it do it? With the most suitable instruments: art, music and dance!

    The idea comes from Progettomondo.Mlal initiative ( occurred in Brazil and ended in November, in which young Bahian from Olinda and Pernaumbuca inhabitants (from Recife) were protagonists of this sharing event, in which they could talk about cultural identity, social activism, community and political through percussive music and dance.

It was a significant time that allowed them to rediscover their shared roots and afro-descendents and the common hope of becoming promoters of change.

    The Brazilian reality of the suburbs with their issues of violence and social disorders hides priceless treasures: young artists with the sole desire to redeem themselves and come out of the dark to improve their world and help youth and children. They want to be the actual educators of these young people, and the real promoters of progress in their own environment, they believe in the potential that lies in every person.

The event of the “Progetto mondo” (World project) brought together these two suburbs in order to restore a unity sense through the language of arts that communicates above and beyond all differences! "During the exchange the Samba Reggae from Bahia and Pernambuco Maracatu they mingled with the Frevo and the afro-dance and so has happened between the Catholic, Protestant and Animist religions."

So why not continue, why not take the same idea and extend it to youth of other suburbs, beyond Brazil, why not bring it to all the countries of the world?


The action of these young people is an important call that the Western world should be listening to. It’s an unanimous response to the global downturn! 

Only two words in their heads: education and membership. Only two words in their heart: unity and peace.