CALIFORNIA - Just a drop

The blood collection is still a major inhibitor to a large number of individuals who , as claimed by many studies, live the terror of the needle and , with anguish , the period of waiting for the verdict of the analysis . For these reasons, they prefer to avoid any type of control , with obvious and dramatic consequences .


Hence the idea that is revolutionizing the American health care : an innovative technology that will allow to carry out blood tests more accurate, less expensive and painful and faster, starting from the removal of a single drop of blood.


The protagonist of this gimmick is a young student at Stanford , Elizabeth Holmes who in 2003 decided to abandon her studies in the faculty of engineering and to invest the enormous capital , which would serve to graduate , to realize her dream. She founded then Theranos , a company based in Palo Alto, California which over the years has received millionaire financings. Its founder , president and CEO, barely thirty years old, has been working on her project incessantly since she was 19 .


The functioning of the system is rather "simple" . The blood is introduced into Nanotainers , tiny containers and subsequently worked through automated means. This in order to minimize the variables associated with the development of laboratory data , such as a high or excessively reduced temperature and , of course , human error .


The revolutionary system invented by Holmes and her team of academics , scientists, former politicians ( on the board of the company also appears Henry Kissinger , the famous secretary of state under President Nixon ) is therefore aimed at making the operations of sampling and testing more rapid and painless (since only a drop of blood will be enough for about thirty exams) , in addition it will also become cheaper and more accessible .


The goal is to bring the service to a maximum distance of 5 miles from each patient , to deliver the Theranos technology in all of the United States and at any hour of the day and night , weekends included . To realize it, the Theranos has formalized a partnership with Walgreens (U.S. pharmacy chain)