SWITZERLAND - Cartoonists for Peace

The two cartoonists Hani Abbas and Doaa Eladl were awarded by the Swiss foundation "Cartooning for Peace", "Drawing for Peace", whose honorary president is Kofi Annan, former Secretary General of the United Nations.


The initiative promotes understanding between people through the universal language of design.

Kofi Annan, Nobel Prize for Peace:


"’The award Cartooning for Peace’ is an acknowledgment to those who put their artistic talents at the service of peace and tolerance, using the universal language of images to inform, educate and celebrate our common humanity."


Doaa Eladl, Egyptian, had not gone to the awards ceremony at the headquarters of the United Nations in Geneva:  she is well known in the Arab world for her rather politically committed work, often on women's rights. It has often been the subject of controversy, and she has also been accused of blasphemy.


Hani Abbas is Syrian. With his cartoons he denounced the atrocities committed in his country. He applied for asylum in Switzerland. Many of his colleagues, designers or journalists, were tortured or killed.


Hani Abbas, cartoonist: "This award is not for me as a person, but for all those who express their opinion, for all journalists and Syrian intellectuals who are in grave danger because they draw, speak and express themselves freely."


The World Press Cartoon, meanwhile hosted for years and until recently at the Portuguese town of Sintra, was for years one of the largest international showcases for cartoonists.


Unfortunately in 2014 the scheduled edition was postponed, however the recent mournful chronicle of Paris will contribute 'to revive such appointments' in the name of freedom of expression.