SYRIA - Scholarships for Syrian Artist Expats

The British Council, the organization that works around the world to spread English language and culture, has begun offering scholarships for Syrian artists who live in Iraq, Lebanon, Turkey, Egypt and Jordan. Sums between 1,000 and £ 3,000 ( € 1200-3600 ) are up for grabs, and are intended to support the work of Syrian artists who have contributed to "raising awareness and solidarity with Syrian refugees in populations of host countries" and "created platforms and networks to connect the community of Syrian refugee artists." For this reason the initiative is aimed specifically at artists who work "beyond the Syrian borders."

"For more than 30 years - says the text of the scholarship - the British Council has played an important role in building bridges between Britain and Syria, and has supported an active and pluralistic art scene. The program reflects the belief in freedom of speech and the power of art to inspire social change, all espoused by the Council." The deadline for submitting an application is January 20.