ITALY - Mosaic of Peace

Meetings of art and culture is a movement and a traveling art exhibition created under the artistic direction of the Umbrian painter and sculptor Michele Martinelli, with the collaboration of the historian and art critic George Gregory Grasso and artist Patrizia Canola.


The project inspired by the principles of peace and sharing, through the universal language of art, explains the artistic director Michele Martinelli, feeds on the dialogue between social and cultural experiences between peoples, religions, places, men and women very different from each other, that will give rise to a mosaic whenever new.


The exhibition has landed in Gualdo Tadino at the prestigious Museo Civico Rocca Flea, and was inaugurated on February 16 at 17.00 in the presence of the regional authorities and distinguished guests from the world of art and culture, including the Consul Cristoyannis Constantine of Greece and Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to the Holy See Habeeb Mohammed Hadi Ali Al-Sadr.


The artists in the show, very different in style, technique and training, from Italy, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Korea, will exhibit paintings, photographs, sculptures and istallative, which will enter into communication with the works of ancient art found in the beautiful museum of the Rock Flea. This edition, starring Al Solthan monther, Angel Of Fratte, Anna Maria Horatii, Camilla Cavallini, David Foschi, Enrica Gelli, Francesco Cinelli, Jaddouh Ahmad, Kim Heejin, Liala Sigala, Marie Antoinette Giannini, Maria Luisa Onorati, Michele Martinelli, Mona Jabbour, Nino Carè, Paola Giordano, Paolo Ballerani, Patrizia Canola, Patrick Goose, Piergiuseppe Fish, Roberto Rotini, Rolando Chiaraluce, Sabrina Baldracchini, Stephen Vannoni, Star Pignattelli, Vincenzo Di Biase.