For the First Time, a Human-made Object Travels Beyond Our Solar System

Travelling at 38,000 miles per hour, Voyager is now an impressive 11.7 billion miles (18.8 billion kilometers) from Earth. Chief scientist on the Voyager mission, Ed Stone, told CNN “In leaving the heliosphere and setting sail on the cosmic seas between the stars, Voyager has joined other historic journeys of exploration: The first circumnavigation of the Earth, the first steps on the Moon.”


Voyager project manager, Suzanne Dodd, says that the spacecraft contains only about 68 KB of memory, much less than a smartphone. Nonetheless, scientists communicate daily with Voyager, which Dodd dubbed “The little spacecraft that could” at a NASA press conference.


And for those patient space-enthusiasts who feel like waiting around for approximately 40,000 years, Voyager will pass by a star somewhere way out there around the year 42.013 AD.