GHANA - Bamboo Bike Initiative

Four years ago, on the outskirts of Accra in Ghana, the Ghana Bamboo Bike Initiative, opened a factory run by women where bamboo frame bikes are made, this product is vegetal and sustainable.


 By June of this year they will reach 100 bikes produced per month and they are planning an expansion of staff with 50 new assumptions (there are actually 30 current employees.

"We have also had requests from Italy - says Bernice Dapaah, the director - but at the moment we cannot afford it, it’s better to wait till the end of the summer."


Bamboo bikes are light but strong. This material allows you to adapt the bikes to different users' needs.


That of the Ghana Bamboo Initiative is a green one and it is socio- ecological and it approaches the problem of climate change, the poverty, rural-urban migration and high unemployment among young people in rural areas of Ghana through the creation of employment opportunities, high quality of professional skills and sustainable livelihood for young people through the construction of bamboo bike to export to international markets.


"We believe that business opportunities exist in all of the areas of Ghana and we are committed to improve the standard of living of the Ghanaian youth through the creation of sustainable social enterprises.


We are committed to promoting fair trade, treat people fairly, sharing the profit with the builders, creating eco-friendly products that help reduce climate change by committing ourselves to protect the environment and promote environmental awareness."

SOURCE: cacaonline