INDIA – “Why you are wasting time? Read our newspaper!”

At the dawn of a new year we wish to report about an all-female initiative that has been helping to improve a portion of the world!

This initiative is happening in India, and more particularly in the Chambal Valley in the state of Uttar Pradesh. It is a difficult land to cultivate and has other challenges as well; land plundered by multinationals, bandits, corrupt government systems that have a detrimental impact on the environment and people, etc. It is a land where not only the water is polluted, but poverty and violence, illiteracy, and the degradation of women cause a different kind of pollution.

It is this reality that a group of women decided to tell the world about, apart from feeling the need to spread  literature, information and culture in their country. Since 2002, 40 women of medium-low culture decided to put together a newspaper called Khabar Lahariya (waves of news). It was a real challenge, but after a few years the newspaper is now printed in 5 different languages, sold and distributed in 5 different territories, and now, after another 10 years, also reaches major cities and about 85,000 copies a week are distributed.

The newspaper is printed using large font, so that even those with little education can be encouraged to read. The news is presented in a simple and direct fasion. For those who cannot read, there are stripes and hand-drawn pictures.

The most characteristic aspect is that journalists deliver the papers by hand, walking down the street with their now typical motto "Why are you wasting your time? Read our newspaper!" Bringing culture and above all, information into the home. Sometimes they even read the articles aloud.

This is a great example of courage and intelligence. These women go around not without security problems, gathering facts and consensus among people who speak their own language, all while dealing with the male power that initially derided them, as well as with the apathy of the authorities.


In addition to having a greater awareness of the corruption in the mainstream media, these women also have an absolute belief in the importance of the media to influence public opinion and thus to improve their small portion of the world.