ITALY - a revolutionary bar

"We are proud to have created a clean and healthy environment , a source of inter-ethnic aggregation , a kind of secular oratorio " ....


Every day, in Umbria, about 2 million Euros are being devoured by the numerous slot machines that "haunt" the bars of the region. The victims of these evil machines that are addicted , are now so many and that is why the Cecchetti brothers , Andrew and Elisa , owners of the small bar called the Sant'Erminio of Perugia , wanted to change things by starting a small constructive revolution . How ? By eliminating the slot machines and organizing a series of original group activities for the new and old customers of the bar.


If it once was a place like many others with its three slots , now there has been made a radical change .


Thus, the decision to eliminate the slot , to replace them with the wi-fi, books, film clubs , after-school workshops and multi-ethnic cuisine . Like all of the drastic changes , you have to wait a little for the settlement and Cecchetti brother’s bar for the first weeks lost some customers , but gradually gained in new customers and life quality. Today, it opens at seven in the morning and never closes before midnight. In the morning, the restaurant is attended by students attracted to the wi-fi and by disabled people from the adjacent day care center "Saint Joseph." In the afternoons and evenings, it is revived by the presence of the children who come to the after-school and while students read and discuss , Moms - Umbria, Africa and Latin America - will compete in culinary competitions at the sound of cous- cous and Perugian strufoli .