Bringing out the Potential of Deaf Children

Its aim is to work to build up a positive and stimulating environment which focuses attention on the potential of the deaf child rather than his/her hearing deficit. The Mason Perkins Deafness Fund is active on several fronts: direct support of the education of young deaf people with scholarships and other aids, commitment to strengthening their support network through the specialized training of all the professionals that work in the field (sign language interpreters, communication assistants, deaf educators, teachers and researchers), the vocation for a complete dissemination of the Lingua dei Segni Italiana (Lis) (Italian Sign Language) with a view to achieving a bilingual situation (Lis and the Italian language) as the essential basis for promoting knowledge of deaf culture, safeguarding dignity and favoring the integration of deaf people in society. 


Three different but complementary areas of activity – education, interpreting, language and culture – which, together, combine to aid the development of an area of life and work that is welcoming and stimulating and in which, from childhood to adulthood, deaf people are accepted and valued for their potential, rather than being penalised for their handicap. Instrumental to achieving these aims is the commitment to work in close collaboration with all the entities and associations, institutional and otherwise, that operate in various ways to promote the wellbeing and education of the deaf, research and offer services for the deaf at the local and national level, as well as on an international scale.