February 21, World Day of Mother Tongue

During the independence of Pakistan there was a great fight for the right to education in Bangla, the mother tongue of the country. Now the Day of the Mother Tongue is celebrated in several nations at the United Nations.

It has been shown that those children that learn reading and writing in their mother tongue, work better in school and have more confidence in themselves. This is what they need to be able to participate in their communities and to make informed decisions.

Linguistic diversity is threatened: more than half of the 6000 languages spoken in the world today may disappear in future generations. This loss will erode the cultural and individual identity, and more broadly the ingredients of our society.

Less than a quarter of the world languages is used in education and in the net. There is a neet encouragement of the governments to ensure the linguistic diversity and multilingual support skills.

The international use of Esperanto, a neutral language, promotes the protection of the mother tongues.

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