Learning by Doing

Learning is essentially a process of discovery. We are all natural learners. As babies, we discover the world mostly by ourselves before we can be told about it. Even when we are old enough to understand what we are told, we still need to try things out for ourselves in order to learn. We do, we learn. The understanding cycle - expectation failure - explanation - reminding - generalization - is a natural one. No one teaches it to us. We don't need to be taught this because the process is so basic to what constitutes intelligence. Learning is a natural process.


How do we enhance learning? One way to do this is, well, by doing. If you want to learn about food you have to eat. If you want to learn how to drive, you have to drive. If you want to learn to speak a language, you have to speak. What does this tell us about education then? It tells us that we need to try and remember, when designing a curriculum, what it is we are trying to get students who had been through that curriculum to do. In other words, we need to transform education so that it looks, feels, and is like doing.