The Teacher's Manifesto

The Teacher's Manifesto


1. I love to teach. I love to learn. This is why I am a teacher.


2. I will teach to help bring out the innate sense of wonder in my pupils in any way possible. I will teach in the hopes of being surpassed by them. The day when I can no longer go forward, I will give my place to one of them.


3. I will teach by demonstration and example, and the recognition of my mistakes will illuminate my path.


4. I will accompany my students to discover the world around them, supporting and encouraging each of them in their curiosity and research, questions and passions.


5. Not being able myself to convey the truth to my students, I shall endeavor to help them strive to search for it.


6. I will encourage my students in their commitment and desire to constantly improve and to never give up in the face of difficulty. I myself will strive to constantly be informed and educated.


7. I will make sure that school is a world, not a prison.


8. I will not give my students rigid and pre-packaged knowledge. My vision of the world will lead me, but will never be the law for them. Critical thought will be the pillar of my educational work.


9. I will promote studying for life, not for grades.


10. I will use various elements for assessment, rejecting simplistic approaches that do not take into account the progress, commitment and overall growth of the individual student.


11. I will fight so that school is for all, a school in which every student can learn at their own pace, in their own way. I will ensure that my students choose me instead of submitting to me. 


12. I will help my students to illuminate the future by reading the past and fully living the present. I will help them to live in the world as it is, but not to leave it as it is.


13. I will remain faithful to these points in every moment of my educational action, ready to face and overcome all obstacles, formal and bureaucratic, that will arise in my path.