CHINA - millionaire street sweeper refuses to give up work to teach her children an unbending work etic

After nearly four decades of hard labour as a farmer, cook, lorry driver and street sweeper, a sudden million pound windfall might tempt sweet thought of retirement.


But 53-year-old Yu Youzhen has a rather more unbending work ethic.

Five years ago, her family land in Donghu village, near the city of Wuhan, was bought by the government for a property development.


She used the compensation money to being building a property empire which now includes 17 apartments worth some 10 million yuan (£1 million), according to the Wuhan Evening News.


Nevertheless, six days a week Mrs Yu dons an orange coat and goes to work as a street sweeper, earning a monthly wage of £142. The reason of this choice is not because things are going wrong with her properties, or that she hasn’t got a hobby, on the contrary her choice is an educational issue. She wants to show her children who have grown up in comfort and ease that job requires effort and the idea that everything is due is not correct. Her two children are actually working.