FRANCE - a school to teach disables how to become independent

EVA ( Ecole de la Vie Autonome) This school was inaugurated in 2012 in French Lorena Vandeuvres-les-Nancy, to teach disables to live independently. The motto of the operators who work at in the structure is "a school conceived to take flight”, to fly away from the family nest, or also from those institutes that are actually surrogates of the original family.

 Initially started as an experiment, now today is a well established fact, which operates a team of specialists


 Access to the school is dedicated to young people with disabilities between the ages of 18 and 20 years who embark on afour-year journey : for two years, the "students" are within the institution, and for two years after moving to independent apartments ;In both phases of the course, the disabled are being followed in a completely personalized (additional innovation of the center) by the staff of the Office of Social Hygiene. Learn to cook and make a washing machine, but also to pay a bill and unravel the most complex operations of daily life: these are just some of the many objectives proposed course.

L'Ecole de la Vie is part of the 196 establishments of Lorraine that joined FEHAP:the federation of hospital establishments for the help to the person, a wide-ranging project that aims the reintegration of people with disabilities in the life of every day.


SOURCE: buonenotizie .it