MEXICO - Teacher's Courage Saves Students from Gunfire

In the state of Nuevo Leon, Mexico, it was just another day at Alfonso Reyes Monterrey nursery school when, all of a sudden gunshots were heard nearby. The children were obviously quite scared, but their teacher didn't lose her calm even for a moment.
Realizing that a bloody shootout between drug traffickers and police was taking place in the vicinity of the nursery, the teacher didn't panick and managed to keep the kids calm by singing them songs. She had them all lie down on the ground to secure them, cheeks resting on the floor and hands covering their heads, repeating to them that nothing was happening. Then she had them sing all the songs together, to reassure them and to cover up the noise of bullets.
None of the children was hurt thanks to the quick-thinking teacher.
The state governor, Rodrigo Medina de la Cruz, rewarded the teacher for "merit, devotion and courage in a very dangerous situation," adding that everyone should follow her example by keeping their nerves in check in order to protect the lives of the people and that surround us. This courageous teacher named Martha Ivette Rivera Alanis, filmed the whole scene with her cell phone and the video quickly made the rounds on the media.