INDIA - PV grandmothers

In India, in Tilonia, there is a special place called "Barefoot College", a unique school in the world where women of one of the poorest communities in the world without the use of light, learn how to build and install the panels and become " solar engineers ". The Barefoot College is headed by an NGO with the aim of self-sufficiency, in an economically sustainable way, in the most disadvantaged rural communities in the world. So every six months they select about 40 grandmothers (also "young grandmas" between 35 and 50), to teach them how to build solar plants. They are mostly illiterate women, who have never left their homes, they travel to a foreign country where they do not know the language, to a postgraduate course that will radically change their lives.


You wonder why they choose the grandmothers. According to the association, this category provides strong local roots, the grandmothers also have a less onerous family burden than mothers. After training, the "solar grandmothers” return to their villages where they practice as engineers, bringing light and energy to their community through a sustainable and clean technology and they also form other women in the community and in the neighboring villages.


There is also a documentary film produced in Italy entitled "Bring Home the Sun", which was presented in Milan during the last edition of "Do the Right Thing" which tells the story of these grandmothers.


Since 2012, Enel Green Power - Enel Group company engaged in the field of renewable energy and research and development of new friendly environmental technologies - supports the Barefoot College and its partners in Latin America in the training of professionals capable of providing energy produced from renewable sources in rural communities. This project involved 8 countries (Peru , Chile, Guatemala, El Salvador, Panama, Colombia, Mexico and Brazil) for a total of 36 communities and 10 local NGOs where there are 33 "solar grandmothers" who have brought light to almost 2,000 households .