Bike Riding for the Arctic

...It was a day of global mobilization organized by Greenpeace as part of the "Save the Arctic" campaign to make the world aware of the need to protect the fragile arctic ecosystem from offshore drilling and to stop oil giants like Shell and Gazprom. Cristiana De Lia, head of the "Mare di Greenpeace Italia" campaign, explains, "By doing the Arctic Ride we want to bring the Arctic defender movement to the streets and ask the international community di declare the Arctic a global sanctuary, as well as a protected area from each and every kind of industrial exploitation. This is the only way that companies like Shell and Gazprom will cease playing Russian Roullette with the piece of land so vital to our planet's cimate. The arctic ice will reach its lowest annual level in these very days, when the ice cap surrounding the North Pole retreats at the end of summer. The level of the ice this year is allarming and could reach the all-time low. "We are facing one of the most important battles of all time for the future of our children and grandchildren," says de Lia. "Protecting the Arctic means protecting the global climate and preventing natural disasters, not to mention the protection of rare flora and fauna. Joining the 'Arctic Ride' was free. The only requirements were to bring your own bike and wear a white shirt.