USA - The Invelox wind turbine

Lately we have witnessed the invention of newly developed wind turbines, that make it possible to take advantage of weak winds.


The U.S. company SheerWind presented "Invelox", a new concept of wind turbine that can also take advantage of the close to the ground winds (less than 2 miles per hour, or a little more than 3 km/h). It’s high about half of the conventional systems and the blades are 84% smaller.


The operation is quite simple: the conformation of the system catches the wind and accelerates and conveys it to the turning blades that produce electricity.


The result is a yield 660 % higher than a turbine constructed according to the common technology.Costs: $ 750 per KW installed, once the system is set to the energy production it costs 1 cent per kWh. A solution, therefore, competitive with natural gas power plants and hydroelectric plants.

The turbine is still in the experimental stage and it has just to be tested to prove its real potential.

Here is the official website to deepen the argument:




SOURCE: Zeusnews