From China to Italy - Plastic Bottles Become a Unique Form of Currency

A few months ago in Beijing, reverse vending machines were installed as an experiment on line 10 of the city's subway. These machines are quite unique, allowing people to introduce 15 plastic bottles in return for free travel on the subway. 

The same idea seemed to appear in Italy, when Donato Di Rienzo, the Deputy Mayor of the town of Santa Maria Capua Vetere near Caserta, recently proposed a similar initiative. The councilman's idea was for residents to pay the admission to shows, concerts and cultural events taking place in the country of Campania with plastic bottles, cans and other recyclable materials, thus combining recycling policy and culture.

The proposal will be presented from November 16th to 24th during the "European Week for Waste Reduction", sponsored by the "Life" program of the European Commission, that aims to raise awareness among institutions and consumers on strategies for the prevention of waste.

Maybe it's time we all started saving our plastic bottles, hoping that the same initiative is promoted across the entire nation!