CHINA - ecological water-based printing

Print with water: this is the new discovery made by the Chinese, which would save money and a great contribution to ecology.


For office workers concerned about cutting costs and environmental impacts, clicking the print button triggers an ongoing internal debate. Many people find reading words on a printed page to be a hard habit to break when the only alternative is reading them on glowing screen.


Chinese researchers say they may have come up with just the thing to ease the conscience and lower the cost of reading documents on paper. They’ve created a jet printer that uses water instead of ink and a complimentary reusable paper that changes color while it’s moist.


Zhang says his team has taken a step toward decreasing paper consumption with the water-jet rewriteable paper because it can be printed on and erased a number of times. Xiao-An Zhang says «With the water-based printing system, we are not only saving a lot of money, we also solve the problem of paper waste».