ITALY - The Other Face of retting

There is a consortium in Italy called Comieco (National Consortium for the Recovery and Recycling of Cellulose-based Packaging)


Its purpose is recycling and regeneration of packaging of cellulose origin. Comieco, operates in line with the objectives of European policy, focusing its research activities on the prevention of waste, on designing manufacturing and on the distribution of packaging, its consumption and utilization.


The initiatives are addressed to different multiplicity of interventions ranging from cooperation with the Italian University for design of packaging paper and cardboard, the promotion of sustainable packaging, the analysis to rethink our lifestyles, monitoring of the packaging paper and cardboard on national and international market which best represent sustainable solutions and have won awards for their sustainability through the life cycle.


Comieco, over the years, has also worked on the project “Another face of retting” by making known all over the world the Italian production of recycled paper and cardboard packaging, and by gathering a rich database of made in Italy products of recycled paper and cardboard. "We focus in turn on different areas of activity, ranging from products designed for leisure to those intended for parties and special occasions, to toys and furnishings - Comieco explain - We give space to both Italian companies and foreign ones "


Glasses, luggage sets, plates and glasses, but also chairs or beds, children's games and even wedding bouquets or decorations for wedding cakes and much more, all obviously strictly recycled material. Each year, the consortium brings together the best of industrial production and eco-friendly crafts and dedicates an ad hoc book to this theme.