USA - the cigarette that becomes a flower once thrown to the ground

An ecological cigarette sprouts a wild flower once thrown to the ground. And 'This is the brilliant “green” solution which aims to mitigate (at least partially) the harmful effects of cigarette smoking on the health of the most inveterate smokers, and at the same time it counteracts environmental butts pollution.


The new cigarette label, called 'Greenbutts' is primarily without those chemicals present in the main traditional 'butts', such as lead polonium, responsible for stimulating a malignant cancer process in the smoker.


The new Greenbutts cigarette contains only natural ingredients with no additives and has a filter fiber flax, made of hemp and cotton glued together with flour and water. But the real news is another one: the 'eco' cigarette contains a biodegradable seed in its filter, ready to give birth to a wild flower once thrown to the ground. This solution would drastically reduce the impact of cigarette butts on the environment. In Italy, in fact, 72 billion cigarette butts are consumed every year, for a total of 324 tons of nicotine released into the environment. Each stub employs from 1 to 5 years to biodegrade: the main problem is obviously the filter, which contains ammonia, hydrocyanic acid and cellulose acetate.


The 'Greenbutts' cigarette is already available on the market (at least in America). For more information, please visit this site.