TAIWAN - The Cartoon Restaurant

Everything in this restaurant is made out of recycled cardboard! When we say everything, we mean everything, from dishes to furniture. The restaurant was born inside the Cartoon King Creativity Park thanks to the idea of Huang Fang- liang, a brilliant paper guy, with the aim of demonstrating the potential of a simple material such as cardboard.

The average life span of the cardboard furniture and accessories is perhaps shorter than those made of plastic or wood, but it's no problem replacing damaged parts quickly and cheaply. 

The decorations and sculptures offer a decidedly playful touch to the theme restaurant. According to the owners, sometimes customers are is a bit puzzled by the idea of sitting on a chair made of cardboard, which they fear is unsound. In these cases, the owners go and get the cook from the kitchen and ask him and his 220 pounds to give a practical demonstration of the strength of the chairs.




SOURCE:notizie .del mondo