AFGHANISTAN - agreement for government unity signed by the two presidential candidates

The two candidates in the presidential runoff held on June 14 in Afghanistan, Abdullah Abdullah and Ashraf Ghani, signed an agreement on September 20th, to establish, once announced the name of the successor of Hamid Karzai, a unity national government 'led from a 'Chief Executive' that will be 'designated by the defeated.

The signature on the document, the result of many weeks of negotiations, and 'was affixed by the two in the presence of incumbent president Hamid Karzai.


Favorable cartel the White House because, it said in a statement released by the same, "It helps to close the political crisis", and "it restores confidence for the future" of the country. The United States is "ready to work with the next administration to ensure the success" of this agreement, which "respects the will of the Afghan people," the statement concluded.