TEXAS - The power of oriented solution journalism

A group of researchers of Engaging News Project, a spin-off of the University of Texas, says that to attract readers you need to give more space to the constructive journalism, or news and that surveys, covering hot unavoidable topics, but trying to go beyond the scandal, exploring not just the "what" and "why" but offering advice on "how to" overcome and resolve the highlighted social problems.


To demonstrate the impact of constructive journalism on readers, Professor Alex Curry, University of Texas, former member of the communication of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, has conducted a survey, the results of which are contained in the document "The Power of Solutions journalism "


The survey shows that people to whom articles were presented with an approach to the solution to the problem, once they read the piece, had a clear perception of feeling more informed and interested in the subject, as opposed to those who had been asked to read the article without a constructive approach. In addition, the researchers noted that people who have been asked to read "constructive stories " not only felt more optimistic, but they were also more likely to look for other stories that have the same approach, to deepen what they read-and very important for publishers and advertisers-to share the news on social channels. This is nothing new, if we remember that a few years ago the University of Pennsylvania had already conducted a similar study on positive news.


The researchers of the “Engaging News Project” are therefore convinced that the constructive journalism (which they most often refer to as "solution-oriented") as well as being an interesting alternative to the traditional style of inquiry, is also an effective and useful journalistic tool for both publishers, readers and advertisers.