ITALY - Ethics Expo 2014

Never in the past people and nations have felt so much the need to have a concrete vision of present and future.

Global communication informs us about what happens beyond private and social borders, continuously showing the variety of problems that follow one each other everywhere.

More and more insecurity is felt because of the egoistic actions of individuals or groups. YOU feel the need for more security in your life and the lives of those around you. The future can still lead to solutions if there will be an individual commitment.

For these reasons, it becomes crucial to revive a reflection on the ethics of personal and collective actions, which covers every aspect and dimension of life, because it is the personal behavior that can change the future.

During its first meeting, 19-22 June 2014 in Mantua, the Ethics Expo will honor the participation of representatives of international governmental institutions, NGOs, associations and accredited professionals. We will organize meetings, conferences , debates, stands, exhibitions, workshops, classes and screenings. The project is designed to be continued with the aim of strengthening the principles that have generated it. Ethics Expo was created with the intent of being a traveling event and will move at the international level from one country to another. Its first location is the city of Mantua, the place where the souls of those who have imagined the city, characterized by its rich history and artistic and cultural value have crossed.



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by Good Day Worldnews