The biodegradable container against food waste

Through its collaboration with IKEA, biodegradable containers for leftover food were created.


The message "Buy only what you eat, what you buy preserves well, dont throw out what's left" provides an incentive to make a concrete commitment in our daily life to ensure that the leftover food does not end up in the trash. "By creating and distributing a new biodegradable cardboard produced in FSC, customers who can not finish the food at the restaurant can comfortably take it home in this ecological container, then there's no waste, neither at home or away from home.


Even the Food IKEA co-workers were involved in the project through a number of actions taken to reduce food waste in 20 IKEA restaurants in Italy.


"KPI Waste" is an index that compares the amount of food removed daily in each store to what is purchased, thanks to which you can monitor the progress of "food waste." 

In addition, until 31 October, all those who bring back the old IKEA catalog will receive a complimentary container useful in the fight against food waste in the home.


The initiative was launched by WWF a few days ago during the event 'Reducing food waste: a recipe for saving the planet", also includes the involvement of some other large enterprises.


For example, Autogrill has begun composting food scraps, while Auchan and Simply continue their commitment to  fight against waste through the sale of bulk products (which in 2012 has saved 4 million packages and more than 170 tons of packing materials), and the recovery of products nearing expiration.


The awareness campaign has reached even the little ones with competitions and projects in Italian schools.