ROME - Playground with no Borders

The playground, which opened its gates on Friday, October 25th is about 6, 500 square feet. "This park was strongly desired by Bambino Gesù Hospital, which takes care of children with disabilities," said Lucia Celesti, head of hospitality and family services and who oversaw the creation of the park. "The playground is an ideal place for the integration of all children, including those with cerebral palsy or other severe disabilities."


Even today, most of the play areas in Italy are not even equipped with ramps or the space required for a wheelchair. What all parents want for their children is a safe place where they can play with other children, but for these children with disabilities, it is not enough.


"Hence the idea of creating a space where all children can play and socialize without barriers," continues Celesti. "Children have the natural ability to relate with one another and resolve any difficulties. Through playing games, psychological barriers and differences break down. The things that are designed to be used by children with limited abilities are appreciated even by those who do not suffer from these limitations. For example, the access path to the playground is constructed to be used by children in wheelchairs, but it will also be appreciated by the parents who are pushing a common stroller or who accompany a child riding a tricycle, not to mention anyone who walks unsteadily or uses a cane."


On the playground special swings have also been installed to ensure the safety of all children.