MANTOVA (ITALY) – inaguration of Ethics Expo; Opening Night

Yesterday, June 19, Mantova, the long-awaited event Ethics Expo began with the first presentation conference in Capriate Hall at Leon Battista Alberti Square. Speakers of the evening, engineer Giuseppe Robiati and Professor Edoardo Patriarca.


   The purpose of the evening was to introduce the meaning of Ethics and clarify the deep motivations behind this event organized in Mantova for the first time; ethics, from greek ethos, practical system of behavior in everyday life that manifests itself in the individual and collective ethics, complementary expressions of a deep personal awareness on the basic theme of Justice or, as explained by engineer. Robiati, "the faculties of the soul of the individual to choose between what’s right and what’s wrong."


   Talking about ethics means creating a counter-culture in favor of others; as Professor Patriarch says "others not considered as an accident, but as the people with whom I share and build a personal history"a new story that starts by individuals who are aware of having to make an effort and that believe in the liability of the citizens, without delegating institutions or who knows whom, because making a better world means starting from the bottom, by interacting every day between individuals in small areas, and by taking care of the younger generations and creating a new race of holy men from which holy new institutions and governments will be chosen.


The individual at the center of all, as Ing. Robiati defines a quoting from the writings of Bahá'u'lláh, the founder of the Bahá'í Faith (1844): "... a rich mine full of gems of inestimable value. Only education can reveal its treasures, and enable the mankind to benefit from it. " So here we are called to dig into the depths of the individual, in his identity as such, that even in the plurality and diversity of the social world it consists of three priceless gems common in all the world: the need to love and to be loved, to put oneself at the service of one another and to live together in unity. These three gems are therefore the starting point on which to work, the paradigm to refer to set up a new society and bring out a new world order, a genuinely ethical world; but only education, not the scholar one, but rather that of shared values, can afford this change.


The ethics Expo continues until Sunday evening June 22 with other events and speakers; the program is visible on the site


Edited by

 Christian Bisi by Good Day World