Italy - Getting Signatures to Promote Reporting of Good News

Dear readers, our good news magazine could not fail to share this piece of news so totally in line with the intentions of our reporting.


The Italian association 'Virtuous Community' ( has launched a petition to ask RAI (Italian Radio Television ) to give greater space to the narrative of good news, especially on state TV channels that are charged with the task of providing a public service to viewers .

The text of the petition explains:

This is not to deny the things that do not work, but to show people that there is another Italy, and another policy. This alternative is made up of men and women who every day experiment with amazing paths of sustainability and positive action from the grassroots. These are people who make bold and concrete choices that change (for the better) the quality of life of many local communities in which the spark of a different society is being kindled. 


Good news is contagious. It has been shown that good examples "are able to elicit positive emotions and get people to follow the examples presented, and even cause physical reactions such as to leave a lasting impression that can influence their future actions. This phenomenon, which in psychology is called 'moral elevation', may cause behavioral changes and prepare us to show more empathy and social interaction." (Journal of Personality and Social Psychology).

Example is a powerful tool that makes a difference. TV, especially public TV, would be an amazing channel for spreadung good news like wildfire.