Thursday, October 24 : E:B:B:F - Creating your dream enterprise!

Thursday, October 24, Book here your place to join this online video conference that will introduce you to ebbf's "creating your dream enterprise" service and the first steps for you to move from dream to reality your ideal enterprise, the one you always dreamt to creat.

In order to promote the principles and wisdom of the great religious traditions of the moral and spiritual world,( these include adherence to the principles of justice, respect, trustworthiness, integrity and unity)  EBBF(European, Bahà’ì. Business, Forum -1990) is a spiritually inspired, non-profit organization of individuals across more than 60 countries contributing to a prosperous, sustainable and just civilisation by promoting and applying ethical values, personal virtues and moral leadership in their workplaces.
The ebbf community endeavors to inspire and empower people whatever their work may be with its mindful people, meaningful work community platform which offers capacity building, practical tools and a global community of like-minded individuals.

official web site: EBBF  - facebook