UN Turns 68


October 24th was the 68th anniversary of the United Nations Charter. Since its foundation, the United Nations has changed history and saved millions of lives. From distributing humanitarian aid to promoting human rights, the United Nations works to make our world a better place to live. Did you know, for example, that the United Nations provides food for 100 million people in 73 countries? Check out this infographic to learn more about the work of the United Nations. You can also listen to International development economist and United Nations Foundation Senior Fellow John McArthur describe the United Nations' role in fighting poverty


Marking the 68th birthday of the United Nations, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said the annual celebration offers a chance to recognize the invaluable contributions of the Organization to peace and common progress.


"It is a time to reflect on what more we can do to realize our vision for a better world, " Mr. Ban said in his message for the Day.


It was with the ratification of this founding document by the majority of its signatories, including the five permanent members of the Security Council, that the UN officially came into being.

"We continue to show what collective action can do. We can do even more. In a world that is more connected, we must be more united," stated the Secretary-General. 



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