Would you Give a Kidney for Love?

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In a story better than any script, an Indiana man in need of a kidney, and the woman who provided the vital organ, have married. The ceremony took place three short years after the life-saving operation.


Kyle Froelich was diagnosed with a fatal kidney disorder when he was just 12 years old, and by his senior year of high school, he was in dire need of a transplant. Dozens of friends and family members had generously offered Froelich one of their kidneys, but none of the prospective donors had been a match. Doctors estimated that the 19-year-old had only one more year to live.


Then the movie began. Froelich met Chelsea Clair, and everything changed. 


The couple met at a local car show. The two took a liking to each other, and spent the day driving around in Clair’s new Camaro. Within hours of meeting Froelich, and without quite knowing why, Clair told him the words that would change his life: “I’m going to give you my kidney.”


At first, Froelich was grateful for his new friend’s generosity, but skeptical about whether the offer would pan out.  After so many failed matches, he didn't get his hopes up. However, a month after meeting Clair for the first time, he got some good news. The two were a perfect match, and the long transplant process could begin. Six months later, Froelich and Clair woke up on separate operating tables — each with one working kidney. Both immediately asked if other was alright.


On October 12, 2013, three years after Clair’s generosity saved Froelich’s life, the couple was married at the venue that had hosted the car show where the Clair and Froelich first met. Every year since the transplant, the two have thrown a party to celebrate the operation’s anniversary. The event, called ”Sparkypalooza” after Froelich’s new kidney was affectionately named “Sparky,” features Clair dressed in a t-shirt with a drawing of her missing organ.


“There’s a bond that no one else, unless they’ve done it, can know,” said Froelich, now the father of two children — one from Clair’s previous marriage. “She’s my best friend.”


Clair joked that her love for Froelich might be based on more selfish motives.


“He’s carrying around my kidney,” said Clair jokingly. ”I have to make sure he takes care of that.”

Source: time.com