ESPERANTO - International Language, Green Language, Language of Peace

Esperanto is not only an artificial language, but a language that promotes peace, unity and brotherhood. It has a short history (founded in the second half of 1800's), but is easy to learn, is not biased, belongs to nobody in particular and sees all as brothers and citizens of a single country, the world. It is a green language, sustainable, accessible to anyone and everyone, ecological in the broadest sense, and inculcates respect.

It is a creative language that has few rules and terms, allows you to build new words, is ever-evolving and keeps up with the times. One is able to communicate with thousands of people in the world after just a few hours of study. It is also an introductory language, one that strengthens the mind and keeps one reasoning skills sharp. It is very useful in order to become familiar with the Western alphabet and grammar rules for both children and adults of different nationalities, and for this reason it is also a good introduction to the study of other languages. 


And we can't fail to mention the magnificent international events created by the Esperanto community, as well as cultural exchanges and intercultural and educational projects. There is also Esperanto-inspired art, publications, music and so on and so forth!


In short, if the intent of last night's event was to convince all those present of the usefulness of learning a new language, surely Dr. Brazzabeni achieved this, making us have fun with word games and proving that studying Esperanto is not only a rewarding experience, but is also fun and creative.

The only slightly sad note, but not unexpected, was the lack of participation from the public, but we are only at the beginning and as always the ice needs to break. We will continue undeterred at Good Day World News to promote Esperanto and, with the start of the new year, a course in Mantua will be held by the same Dr. Bazzabeni. Needless to say, we at Good Day World will be the first students!

The event, in addition to the editorial staff of Good Day World, the sponsor of the event, was also attended by Leonardo Montorio, president of the coop Bioanch'io, which hosted the conference at its headquarters, as well as some representatives of the Baha'i community of Mantua, also promoters of peace and unity, and therefore of the need for an international auxiliary language in the world.


Written by the Good Day World editorial staff