Italy - The First HIV Vaccine for Children

Sunday, December 1 was World AIDS Day, which since 1981 has killed more than 25 million people. In Italy in 2012, 3,853 new cases were reported. The proportion of drug users with the disease has decreased, but the cases attributable to sexual transmission have done the opposite. But at last a hope;
The first ever therapeutic vaccine for children against HIV has been successfully tested at Gesù Children's Hospital in Rome.

The study, which lasted two years and was conducted on two groups of 10 infected children, was published in the prestigious scientific journal "Plos One." The experiment, conducted in a non-profit manner by Dr. Paul Palma in collaboration with the Chair of Pediatrics at Tor Vergata University, involved children born with HIV via maternal transmission, the mode of transmission that accounts for 95% of new pediatric cases each year.