"Mothers and Children First" - Project in 4 African Hospitals


"Mothers and Children First" is the watchword of a program promoted by Doctors with Africa Cuamm, involving 4 hospitals and 22 peripheral health centers, serving a population of 1,300,000 inhabitants. The project, with the support of four Italian banking foundations, has begun its second year of operation.


The goal is "to double the number of births attended in five years, coming gradually to 125,000 births in hospitals and in the districts of reference Chiulo in Angola, Wolisso in Ethiopia, Aber Tosamaganga in Uganda and Tanzania." This is a strategic challenge to continue to combat maternal and infant mortality.


In Milan, the data will be presented, but also the stories of the people involved and the voices and faces of those who work everyday in the field. These heros have assisted 84,718 mothers and their children in two years, ensuring  42,359 safe births in the four hospitals and districts of reference, of which 3,180 were cesarean births.


"Much remains to be done - says Father Dante Carraro , director of Doctors with Africa Cuamm - but with an increase of almost 10% compared to the first year, the milestone of 125,000 is closer. What interests us is to bring the numbers and talk about results, knowing that behind the numbers there are people, many mothers and children who want to ensure a happy and prosperous future. Cooperation is the bearer of change only to the extent that it assumes a constant focus on accountability and a culture of results. "




Source: tiscali: lifestyle