TUNISIA - a civil society Observatory of elections

After a gestation period of more than six months the civil society Observatory takes  shape, the dates were fixed yesterday by the Constituent Assembly: October 26 the political and  November 23 the presidential election.


Consisting of 12 organizations (including the Journalists National Union, Tunisian League for Human Rights, the Tunisian Association of Democratic Women,  Chamber of lawyers) will have the task of monitoring the proper functioning of the machine and to prevent breaches of electoral law.


At the end of the election a final report will be drafted to be submitted to Isie (Higher independent Instance for elections) and to the judicial authority, in case of being  breached.


The fact that the National Union of Journalists takes part at this coalition of associations is very significant, according to its president Bghouri Neji: "We will establish our independent observatory to monitor the rules of ethical  professional conduct of the media  for the entire election. This is somehow one of the mechanisms that ensure fairness and equal conditions for all candidates. "


Civil society therefore, confirms once again to be the protagonist in the democratic life of the country.


SOURCE: Ansa.med