EUROPA - From 6 to 10 girls’ week

October 11th (2014) is the day dedicated to the girls by the UN and the coming week will be dedicated to them: October 6th will open, the European Week of Action for Girls (6-10 October) to promote the rights of young women . The event is organized by the Plan EU headquarters in Geneva in collaboration with the European Parliament and the United Nations. Its aim is highlighting the necessary steps to address and eradicate the causes of the discrimination against women and  to identify and support policies to promote initiatives to develop the empowerment of girls from both social and economic  point of view of.


The week will conclude on October  11th, which is the “International Day of the Girl”, which matches with the celebration of the Campaign Plan “Because I am a Girl”. In this occasion,” Plan International” launches a  new report “Hear Our Voices” in which more than 7,000 adolescents between 12 and 16 years (boys and girls) from 11 different countries were surveyed on the universe of women in developing countries. This study is one of the most important ones made ​​on the rights of girl child in the humanitarian field.


The research sought the opinions of boys and girls in the following countries: Egypt, Liberia, Benin, Uganda, Cameroon, Zimbabwe, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Paraguay. The issues on which the adolescents were  interviewed regarded the rights of girl children, education, the lack of toilets in school that put at risk their health and safety, early marriages, pregnancies, domestic work that girls have to undertake  at home and at school,  environments in which young girls are at risk of violence and the different types of abuse to which they undergo.