MIDDLE EAST - This Christmas Christian Palestinians were able to get out of Gaza and the West Bank

The citizens of Gaza this year had a different Christmas. The army in fact gave the Palestinian Christians special visas to let them travel outside the Gaza Strip. The goal is to gradually build confidence with the Christian population. There was additional police service and army forces to facilitate the entry of visitors to the sacred places in Bethlehem.


More precisely, from this Christmas till January 19, 2015 the Palestinians of Gaza and the West Bank will be able to travel abroad to visit relatives or to attend the religious ceremonies. Seven hundred Christians under 16 and above 35 have received a visa that will allow them to exit from the Strip, while men aged in this age group will be given permission to leave only after a safety assessment.


With a reverse path, 500 Christians living in the West Bank will be able to enter the Gaza Strip after a long control to visit their relatives and two hundred Palestinians living in both places will be able to go abroad, flying from Israel's Ben Gurion. In order to facilitate the movement of people during the holiday the opening hours of border crossings were extended.