TUNISIA - EU encourages the right to vote

The new project promoted lately by a network of Tunisian associations- LAM ECHAML - is called "Vox in Box ". Its aim is to encourage Tunisians, especially young people and women, to register on the electoral roll and to make use of their right to vote.


The purpose of the project, funded by the European Union, is to contribute to the democratic transition in Tunisia, promoting active citizenship and the culture of political participation. In particular, the website Enpi reports (www.enpi-info.eu), that “Vox in Box” aims to train, sensitize and engage young people and women in the electoral process and political debate. In view of the forthcoming parliamentary elections (October 26) and presidential elections (first round Nov. 23), more than a hundred young people will be traveling across the country to explain to the population the procedures for registering on the electoral roll.


The network ECHAML LAM has been selected as part of an EU ban of 'Southern Neighbourhood Civil Society Facility'. The project, started last February and will end in August 2016, covering 19 major cities of the country from north to south.


The activities of “Vox in Box” include the formation of 24 regional coordinators and 120 civic educators, the organization of city councils, public awareness campaigns and the creation of an interactive platform.