LYBIA - The First Woman in History to Run for Office in Lybia

Her name is Amal Elhaj and she will go down in history for being the first woman to run for the leadership of Libya. This announcement has been circulating these days in the local media and the news soon spread to social networks, with a shower of compliments and congratulations signed by activists and former tuwar (revolutionaries).


The country is again on the brink of the abyss, while armed clashes continue in every corner of the territory, particularly in Cyrenaica, where separatist sentiments are gaining more and more support, but the candidature of Amal Elhaj seems to bring hope:


"I really admire her courage for appearing in this difficult and dangerous time,"
writes an activist for equal opportunities. "She's an excellent person, and now she needs the support of the Libyans, because we can bring a better situation than where we are today".