AFRICA - 10,000 vegetable gardens to change the future

  "Making a garden is a political act. And making a garden in Africa, is twice. Given that Africa is undergoing a neo colonialism because of foreign capital land grabbing”, so begins his speech Carlo Petrini at the conference "10,000 vegetable gardens in Africa",  a crucial meeting of the Earth Mother 2014 and of the Slow Food Foundation for  Biodiversity .



Since 2010 (the year in which the project was launched at the Salone del Gusto at the first Earth Mother),  ​​2000 vegetable gardens have been realized and over thirty thousand people have been employed in the network; the goal is to reach 10,000 vegetable gardens by 2016  resulting as a multiplication of farming communities active in the project. An ambitious and difficult target, but certainly essential to solve the problems of Africa, a continent where all of the contradictions of the modern system of food production are obvious and pressing. Vegetable garden as a model of cohesion and cooperation among people is a small step towards reducing the conflicts that for years have been massacring Africa, this is what the Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs Lapo Pistelli suggests in this important ethical  and "political” meeting, sitting alongside with Carlo Petrini.